The cryptocurrency economy has shown tremendous growth over the last year and a half, and digital asset supporters are naturally very fond of keeping track of price spikes and falls regularly., the web portal for all things connected with bitcoin, has launched so-called “Satoshi Pulse,” a cryptocurrency market capitalization page that shows everything that has to do with the market performance of a whole pile of digital coins, announced on its website.

This includes overall market valuations, current prices, broad comparative analyses, charts, etc. All the important data are real-time and essentially in one easy-to-navigate place.

There are other market capitalization sites that also aggregate data in the nascent digital asset sphere, but unlike “Satoshi pulse” they may be filled with unwanted adverts and may be too elaborate to follow.’s page is reportedly easy to navigate, since one can compile a selection of assets they are interested in watching and hide all the rest. The chosen ones can be further toggled to offer daily, weekly and other price charts, let alone cryptocurrency statistics such as market capitalization, the current spot price and 24-hour trade volume, reported.



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