A Swiss retail business seems to pay little attention to the beauty of Swiss francs, as it opts for completely different, way more innovative means of getting paid for its services.

Buchmann bakery in Zurich’s Universitätsstrasse appears to be a rare site indeed, as it has ditched cash as a payment option in favor of anything from bitcoins to digital payments through Apple or Google’s smartphone applications, The Local reported.

Citing their young and incredibly tech savvy clients, mostly students, the bakery’s manager, Daniel Wehrli, said the time to make the move was just right.

Wehrli said that cash-free payments struck him as sensible from the point of view of hygiene and their general simplicity, since the staff wouldn’t have to frequent the post office to exchange money. Most importantly, he views being open to new technologies as the first step to march with the times. 

Sourse: sputniknews.com


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