MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Trump administration may prolong the exemptions from US steel and aluminum tariffs for Canada, Mexico and other partners beyond the May 1 deadline, depending on the achieved progress in the negotiations, CNBC reported on Saturday.

According to CNBC, the United States is likely to extend exemptions for Canada and Mexico, as they have made progress in discussions of the tariffs issue during the NAFTA talks. Meanwhile, it is unclear whether the talks with Brazil, Australia and Argentina yielded similar results, the broadcaster reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

Seoul was granted permanent exemption from the US tariffs under a new trade deal, the media outlet added.

In March, Washington announced tariffs of 10 percent on aluminum imports and of 25 percent on steel imports. The European Union, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and South Korea were granted exemptions, which are in effect until May 1.

The move provoked a backlash from China, which has introduced its own tariffs on goods produced in the United States. Both countries have suggested they might implement further mutual restrictions.



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