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January 20, 2020, 14:25

Anomalous Blobs of Matter Hidden Under Africa, Pacific Could Drown Earth in 100 km...

Despite decades of research, scientists remain divided about many of the processes taking place beneath our planet’s surface, including details about the churning of molten metals in the Earth’s core which creates the magnetic...

‘100 Percent Frog DNA’: Scientists Tout Creation of First-Ever ‘Living’ Robots

Some scientists have already questioned whether these organic robots can be called “living”, given that they have no reproductive organs and are unable to multiply.A group of US researchers has created what they say...

Secret of Ancient Galaxy Merger Revealed by Studies of a Lone Star

Astronomers believe that our Milky Way galaxy, approximately 13.6 billion years old, has ingested many smaller galaxies over its lifetime, however, it has previously proved difficult to determine the precise time at which these...

The Oldest Known Material on Earth is Billions of Years Older Than Earth Itself

The Australian town of Murchison rose from obscurity to international (astronomical) fame after a large meteorite landed nearby on 28 September 1969. It picked up some indestructible chemicals as it floated through space, which...

Enormous ‘Great Divide’ of Gas & Space Dust Shaped Our Solar System, Scientists Theorize

The massive disk comprised of space dust and gases would’ve prevented carbon-rich “building blocks of planets” from moving towards the center of the solar system, thus affecting the planets’ composition, the new study postulates.A...

Study Aims to Solve the Mystery Hidden in World’s Most Expensive Painting Attributed to...

As the new study is apparently being reviewed in a scientific journal, the research team were reluctant to comment on their foray into the secrets of a famous painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci...

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