Jeff Bezos, the richest human on Earth, has long been the subject of anger amid accusations of overseeing poor working conditions, low wages, and of busting of organised labour movements.

Activists protesting outside the purported home of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in Washington DC, are reportedly demanding the abolition of his corporation, and were spotted standing next to a guillotine.

Videos posted to Twitter on Sunday show two protesters standing next to the erected execution structure – a staple of several revolutionary movements from the 19th century.

A poster at the event read: “Support our poor communities not our wealthy men”.

​The event was advertised on Twitter from the account on Saturday. The poster accused Amazon of working with police to “surveil” employees, stoking “racist fears” and union-busting.

​Chris Smalls was let go from the company this year after leading a strike in New York over poor conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon has previously been accused of union-busting and treating its workers poorly, including forcing employees to wear trackable wristbands.

Bezos is considered to be the world’s wealthiest person, holding a net worth of over $100 billion.

The guillotine was popularised during the French revolution in 1789, in which the Jacobins toppled the French monarchy and sentenced members of the aristocracy and its enemies of the new regime to be decapitated.



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